Monthly Archives: September 2015


Got up this morning, and didn’t quite feel that i was this individual i had been for years. I was happy, smiling and enjoying the rise of the sun. quite frankly most mornings i get up dreading having to go through the hustle and the bustle of each and every day (like we all know, the bills never stop coming right!!!).

with very little faith and feeling very hopeless over the past couple days, waking up to family, God and knowledge this morning felt AWESOME.

Well today, i want to encourage whoever is reading this, that yes we have struggles, and yes at times they seem tremendously overwhelming, but all in all you have to learn to trust God, in the midst of adversity, strengthen your trust in God. encourage yourself with kind words, never stop telling yourself that you are precious and that you are blessed beyond measure. see whatever the mind conceives, that you shall receive, so speak words of kindness to yourself, get up each morning look yourself in the mirror and just say “damn girl/guy, you look good”.

My message is small and simple